Sunday, October 24, 2004

ya dumb bitch

man this is fuckin bullshit im so fuckin board now i dont know what to do me and tony have been skatein like all fuckin day and shit and now i dont know what ther is to do im so fuckin board i wanna talk to alex ha ha i miss her ha ha i want to go to cushing and see her i think im gonna call her tonite dont know when maybe like 930 10 somewere in ther if not sooner man i dont feel good now i fuckin think im gettin a slight heat stroke its fuckin cool i fuckin jumped off a kicker today and landed on a table and almost got offbut not quite i did ollie on the box and went off it it was fun i only fell like 3 times i was ther fer like an hour and some then i went to sparkys and got a free pop cuse my buddie was workin she is cool but yea im gonna go now


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