Saturday, October 16, 2004

wondering about shit

man i wonder whats gonna happen tomarrow i think i might take my letter to tonys and leave it ther like when they gone and shit but then again i dont think i will i think it would cause more bad than good
you said that we would always be freinds you said our love would never end all you gave to me was scars on my hart all you did was tear my would apart
yea thats what im talkin about element eighty knows whats up scars on my hart man i dont need this shit i dont want this shit
i wonder what alex is doin rite now i wonder if she is thinkin about me i wonder if when i think about her if like her nose itches ha ha im dumb
i wonder if i should just kinda run away
and all you did fer me was tear MY WORLD APART, SCARS ON MY HART!!
man this is fucked up i didnt sleep last nite and i was tired like befer i started to think about shit and then i was all like awake and shit i think i will prolly end up goin skatein later ill prolly skate most of tomarrow just skatein and thinkin til i call alex
i wonder if i am gonna need to talk tomarrow
i wonder if like i should quit thinkin
i think so
i dreamed i died it seems alrite at times a little rough maybe a little dark but thats alrite and then i herd damn boy you done good did everything that you should boy you did good then the skys opened up and my sight was clear and what i had done was just fer a little fun when i hear the call i will bury them all i will destroy all look at me my whole life black mold on my eyes my whole life rite in front of my eyes
damn man wait and bleed is really starting to piss me off i always think of the same shit like all the time its always this fight it kinda went along with the musik it would have been a good video fer the song i wonder round were you cant see inside my shell i wait and bleed
yea well i think im gonna get really mad so im gonna go now

fuck off
i hate you
i wish you were dead
ill fuckin kill you myself
dumb bitch
thats not rite
man fuck this
she needs to die
no i need to die
fuckin cunt
filthy fuckin bag
god i wish you were dead

yea i think im done now

yea i wanna talk to alex
im gonna go punch myself in the head fer awhile

ha ha ha ha ha its kinda like when it all started ha ha ha ha ha

once a long time ago i cought a glimps of you alone and i was so very scared but i took the thoughts and stipped them clear and said hey now who you loving saw you on the television i see sound from all around

and everything i thought was rite is now wrong and i just wish ther was somewher else that i could be

she climbed out on to the fire escape and said what are you doin you know its late ppl told me that you were back but im kinda wonderin why is that

yea i wanna be with alex rite now


Blogger LorDNeoN said...

you do bitch too much...

October 16, 2004 at 7:49 AM  

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