Friday, October 08, 2004

trippin out

ok well i was sittin on the strip waitin fer cindy to go by so she could see me and shit but she didnt so i left and shit and sat at home waitin to get on the internet so i could see if alex was on and shit then emly called and shit man i am gonna have to go fer another walk soon so i can get high i like walkin around smokein pot and well i can think and thats good sometimes but tonite i think im gonna go skatein and shit till i wanna get high or find someone to smoke wit but i dont think that anyone will be out so i will end up smokein by myself and well i want to see alex but like some shit happend and she aint gonna get to come see me and if she dose i wont know this is bullshit i need a car i dont care i dont have a license i would still drive down ther and shit to see her but fer now im gonna go so yea,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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