Monday, October 04, 2004

something weird

sit back and relax and smoke a fuckin joint becaus i wanna get high and i dont care we can smoke till we die i dont give a fuck i dont have any reason to be sittin here im just kinda fuck zoneing out and shit it kinda cool bitchs gotta be acting scandalus but fuck them fuck that guy and muth fuck your ass dont sit ther and be all like yea this is dumb a lunitic is not always insaine lookin fer my mind i cant find it and fuck every mother fucker out ther talkin shit fuck him and his whole mutha fuckin click you look like you got something to say well come on bitch bring that shit and peep this freaky shit goin down ask me were my brain is i dont know it fuckin over you ho!!

yea thats kinda fuckin dumb dont wait on a knight in shinny armor your savior is reflected in the mirror the fact is everyone bleeds when ther cut so we are all the same and ill fuckin cut your ass

yea im done with this and emly if you really need to talk to someone then i guess you can talk to me unless its gonna like cause some drama or piss me off...................ok


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