Monday, October 04, 2004

she left a note that said im sorry i had a bad day

man this is dumb i wanna do something and im fuckin freezeing my balls off i shouldnt have left my window open last nite it got fuckin cold in my room i just wish someone was ther fer me to hold but ther wasnt im just a lonely loser ass mutha fucka i hate myself im so dumb my heads full of hell and this world is just a jail it dont matter and i dont care cuse everything hard is here and everything good is over ther but yea i dont know what to do i saw kilie last nite and i dont know i kinda got sad when i saw her man dont noone know how i feel well someone dose but she aint around and its not kd its someone else but she hasnt talked to me in a long ass time but i told her everything about me and she still liked me it was weird i didnt understand at the time but i think that if i didnt fuck up i could have kept her is it worth it can she even hear me in this see of lonely still i can see it comein this could be my chance to break out this could be my chance to be free i wonder what masen is doin i wonder if kilie is still here i think she is prolly in souix city or on her way ther man i dont know what i am thinkin so i think im just gonna go now i dont need this shit this is bullshit so im fuckin outta here so fuck off and peace out


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