Monday, October 11, 2004

o baby was i wrong

i didnt mean fer it to end this way i dont like this but i cant change it it is too late so fer now all i can do is dwell on the past and shit feel all depressed and shit and well i dont know what to do im fuckin pist my msn aint workin no mo thats fuckin bullshit i wanted to see if ther was anything to do but ther isnt so fuck man all the time i dont know what the fuck i am writein didnt i see you cryin feeling all alone without a freind ya know you feel like dieing man people that walk around this town look dumb like they dont look normal or maybe its me ehh its me i think alot of people look weird like inbred and shit like remsin and shit masen knows what im talkin about he saw the mullets they were everywher we are being over run by mullets people so its time to take action and if you see a mullet go and cut that shit off or just kill the inbred that is wearin it no fuck that dont do nuttin fuck yall ya dumb bitch


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