Monday, October 11, 2004

i dont give a fuck

ther are alot of things that i have never told
and i wont i cant its just not anyones bussiness
its my problems and i will deal with them
and if i cant then fuck that
one day it will all be done and over
tell then i will just kinda be here
but thats just something that i will deal wit when it comes
and not befor
this is the way i feel al the time and shit
i dont need this way of life
ther are so many better ways
but ther not fer me
im spost to feel like this
always have and ther is no point in changein
just so that others can stand me
man fuck them and fuck you
and fuck myself i aint shit
ill never be shit
i never was shit
so im just a pile of shit
man fuck it
i dont care no more this is it
the last thing on my mind
and will be till the day i die
it is now and always was you
and well when i die
the last thought i will have will be about us
and how happy we could have been
thats in the past now
wher i was left
long ago just a thing
that you wished you never had
all along i knew it wouldnt last
we are just not ment to be
im not ment to be with anyone
im just not ment to be happy so fuck it

im done with this thought fuck it


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