Monday, October 11, 2004

get out of my head cuze i dont need this

yea im fuckin thinkin of some shit i shouldnt be thinkin about i dont need to torture myself over her no more i mean i think i have been threw enuf to be worried about something that dosent matter i bet i wont even talk about it with her i am thinkin she wont even talk to me and if she dose i dont think that she will ever talk to me again still i can see it comein i feel like im gonna die when it dose but ehh fuck it i will always remeber her and just cuse we dont talk dont mean i dont still care its just that it is easyier to just not talk about it but yea it dose bother me and well me writein it down kinda helps but that might not be good enuf when i see her again i think i will degress to fuckin bleeding out the pain i know its not healthy and shit but it works and i already broke my promise like a bunch of times so well now i have no reason not to the promise is dead i killed it just like i killed everything good in my life so fuck it man yes i do care what you have to say and im sure im haveing a really bad day im sick of bein tired and im tired of bein sick she climbed out on to the fire escape and said what are you doin you know its late people told me that you were back but im wonderin why is that once a long time ago i caught a glimps of you alone and i was so very scared but i took the toughts and stripped them away and said hey now who you lovein hey now who you lovein i saw you on the television saw you on the television i see sound from all around i see sound


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