Tuesday, September 21, 2004

thies bad habbits are hard to quit

man im tired of bein depressed so i think i am gonna give it up fer a while atleast i dont know but ive been told if you live this way you wont get old so fer awhile im gonna try to be happy ha that sounds funny i gotta try to be happy it dont come natural its fuckin work fer me i wonder what alex is doin shes prolly sleepin man i dont know i wonder what jazzy is doin she is prolly sleepin rite now they both prolly are i wonder what emly is doin well she is prolly conformin with the others all goin to bed and shit man tonite was the shit i wonder if alex called my mom didnt say anyone called so prolly not but when im done i will check if she did ill call her tomarrow

sara i wonder what sara is doin i havent thought of her fer a long time i need to call her some time but i wont i know i wont i never do

man i dont need to be thinkin of all thies wemon im gonna get all depressed and shit ha ha ha i think that is why im so sad all the time i fucked up too many wemon....nah fuck that i didnt do shit so fuck off sorry that wasnt me man



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