Tuesday, September 28, 2004

rehab at work

i guess it was ment to be
romance is myzery
so much for memories
and now im headin to the penitentry
see me on tv
the next cop series
i am a danger
i guess i should have done something about my anger
but ill never learn
real things i dont concerne
ill pour kerosene
on everthing i love
and watch it burn
i know its my fault
but i wasnt happy it was over
she threw a fit so i crashed that peice of shit nova

just as lost as a human can be and im thinkin again
and im thinkin again
and im drinkin again
lookin for things to do to pass the time and becomein one of the others workin playin its all just bullshit

fuck cuttin a line stick a straw in the bag and do it all at one time
my addiction makes me piss on floors and go home wit scabby whores

the neighbors know im crazy
my mom thinks im lazy
and i just slapped the fuck outta some lady
goin in and out of treatment
cuze my lifs so sicking
but it dont matter cuse nuttin matches my addiction

big dick in your mouth all day now thats love
i can hold a ciggerette between my nuts and smoke it wit my butt
now thats love

would you like me to buff your ass
cum in your whine glass
if you feel that i love you
i promise you it wont last

can i put my toe in your booty

you aint never seen a ride like this since the last issue of that car magazine you damn damn freak

i want to slap your pussy with this big dick in your mouth all day


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