Tuesday, September 14, 2004

the rain

i love it when it rains its so depressing and yea i do wanna go and see her dude but yea i love the rain sunshine blue skys please go away my girl has found another and gone away with her went my future my life is filled with gloom so day after day i stay locked up in my room i know to you it might sound strange but i wish it would rain cuze so badly i wanna go outside but everyone knows that a man aint supost to cry but i gotta cry cuze cryin easies the pain i wish it would rain cuze the rain drops would hide my tears drops and noone will ever know that i am cryin when i go outside that is the shit man yea masen get a hold of me sometime so we can figure out how i am gonna see alex man i am board now i wanted someone to be on so i could talk to them but aint nobodie on this shit i am board like really bad i should just go back to bed and lay ther and think but that aint gonna help nuttin but oh well fuck it i dont know what i am gonna do so i think i will just sit here and kinda just space out and write in here i wanna go and play in the rain i havent done that since like me and jazzy went and played in the rain a long time ago like at the beginin of the summer that was long ago it was fun tho i dont know what i am gonna do but i am done writein in this shit fer now i am gonna check some shit so yea im out

i am vindicated i am selfish i am wrong i am rite i swear i am rite swear i knew it all along and i am flawed but i am cleanin up so well i am seein in me what you swear you saw yourself

im out


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