Tuesday, September 28, 2004

my mom talked to sara

ok well my mom talked to sara tonite about me and shit sara was all tellin my mom i was goin after some girls when we was goin out and shit i dont think i was and if i was i am fuckin dumb but fuck it sara said she was gonna call me sometime so that will be kool if she dose man thats just one more fuckin reason fer me to get a job and shit so i can get a car and get the fuck outta here

you left me here beside myself left me with all the reasons i was wrong fer you

fight fight fight cuse we are the angry youth

man this is fuckin bullshit im pissed at alot of things i dont know why but im just kinda mad i hope that if sara calls im not in a bad mood or that could end bad so if she dose call im gonna have to try to be in a good mood or atleast be able to fake it damn man everytime shit gets simple it gets fucked up man

sara or alex sara or alex sara or alex sara or alex sara or alex sara or alex sara or alex sara or alex man this is fucked up i dont know who i want damn i was like all obsessed with sara for a long time and now i dont know what to do with alex everything is easy and not complicated but with sara everything is complicated i know what i am gonna do if sara calls i will see whats happinin in her life and then maybe we will hang out and shit and well im just gonna have to take things slow and shit and if not then i can keep it simple with alex i wonder if that sounds bad if it dose then fuck im sorry but in my head it kinda works

wher are you and im so sorry i can not sleep i can not dreams tonite i need somebodie and always




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