Thursday, September 09, 2004

man i stayed awake just to see you

hey baby i stayed awake all day just to see you and you left thats ok i guess i cnat have you around all the time that would be selfish so yea besides i gotta wait fer like 11 mo months and shit thats a long time but fuck it i think if it is ment to be it will and if not then well it wont

i wrote kd today now i just gotta take it over to butters house and give it to his mom so she can take it to kd and then i dont know if she will even write back i hope she dose but i kinda feel better now that i said some things to her and she hasnt even gotten the letter but everylittle bit helps

i talked to emly today that went well i guess she gave me a kiss on the check then slapped me it was great but yea im done here

peace out


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