Wednesday, September 29, 2004

man come on

man this is bullshit i wanted to see alex and i dont think that she is gonna come over tonite and if she dose then im gonna have to fuckin go all the way across town to see her and shit and its fuckin cold and shit outside its gonna be fuckin winter soon then i get to snowboard

lucky im saine after all that ive been threw i cant complaine but sometimes i still do lifes been good to me so far

thats a lyric out of a song that was like my theme when i was bakein cooks i just wanna give a shout out to orrin whats happinin dawg

i dont know what im gonna do i might be able to sleep soon but i dont know i didnt really sleep last nite it fuckin sucked i kept thinkin about shit i dont like thinkin anymore i just keep doin it and it sucks ass

im gonna download some shit now peace out


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