Saturday, September 04, 2004

im so depressed

i never laughed so hard until i cried i laughed alot all you ever do is bring me down ha ha ha ha ha i cant stop laughin and turn my happy smile into a frown ha ha ha ha you keep on tellin me that youll be im im slobberin on myself ha ha ha well dont let the front door hit you when your stupid hahaha ha ha o man o somebodie call a doctor my gut hurts cuze im laughin so much and i dont know hey stop it ha ha ha ha i bet ya i can learn to take another drink of my pop ha ha ha ha ha thats it what ya gotta know everbodie

you know you make me break down all thies thoughts and shit and i cant even act on them cuze well your not here and if you would i know what you would do and i dont wanna do that again im still not rite from the frist time you crushed my dreams and now i gotta just go and live a life that has absolutly no point to it i just do nuttin all the time i always think of you... but i cant live like that now so GO AWAY!!!! you made me break down made me breakdown i dont wanna live like that made me break down made me break down made me break down and now im GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i find it kinda funny i find it kinda sad the dreams in which im dyeing are the best ive ever had no tomarrow


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