Saturday, September 11, 2004

i need sleep i need sleep mind not rite need sleep

man i didnt sleep last nite i am gettin tired of this i need to sleep man i was smokein pot all nite and shit and i still didnt go to sleep i started writein a song and sit some time i am gonna write tabs fer it but yea damn im fuckin babysittin man i better not have to babysit all day that will piss me off but i think i might get some pot fer babysittin so that will be kool but if not i am gonna eat a roach and shit and zone out and ride my bike around like all day on of theis days ill track you down but till then im just gonna breakdown you make me break down i dont wanna live like that no

darcy darcy darlin dear you left me dieing crying here wiskey, gin, and pints of beer

man that song is so fuckin cool

man i need a life

i need sleep

you wernt the first to court me and you wont be the last
well im sure of that i know all bout your past

im just a feind and a cheat but thats all in the past bitch cuze now i got it made


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