Wednesday, September 29, 2004

i need a blank cd

billy talent: voices of violence
billy talent: try honesty
billy talent: lies
the used: the taste of ink
story of the year: and the hero will drown
nirvana: half the man i used to be
ok go: get over it
element eighty: texas crys
yellowcard: firewater
rooney: im a terrible person
element eighty: broken promises
billy talent: the ex
blink 182: i miss you
dropkick murphys: the dirty glass
story of the year: falling down
chevelle: vitamin r
kottonmouth kings: angry youth
joe walsh: lifes been good to me so far
zug izland: fire
kottonmouth kings: bad habbits

yea that will be the shit cd its gonna fuckin rock some serious ass i cant wait to get a blank cd so i can burn that


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