Thursday, September 09, 2004

i hate everyone

nah just most i dont feel good i didnt sleep well last nite i was thinkin and shit i hate fuckin thinkin i dont know why but i had a dream about ali and alex last nite and i also drempt about kd it was bad i think im gonna get all depressed again from it i think i should write her i havent wrote her since she said she has nuttin to say to me but ther is so much that i need to say to her just so that i can get her out of my head i know thats why i keep thinkin about her but i dont wanna realize that i fucked it all up and it is all my fault but ehh shit happens and no matter how much i say that it dont help me none the only time that i dont think about her is when i am with alex
alex is the shit that girl kept me saine so many times and she dont know it yet til she reads this so ahh thanks but yea im a joker im a smoker im a midnite toker i think i should go to the skatepark today i wonder if masen and butters wanna go ther wit me i am fuckin sick man my nose is all fucked up and i keep hackin up flem and shit man thats fuckin gross i get my lovin on the run people keep talkin about me baby say im doin you wrong dont worrie no dont worrie mama cuze im rite here at home thats fuckin rite how did he know that pickin your nose was freash

thats my family criminals and weirdos outkasts and freakshows and members of the carnival wicked clowns and dead folks thats my family

man yea im gonna go now
peace dawg if you ever in the woods again dont hesatate to look a thug up

you can try to get as close as you can but you will never get as close as the hatchet


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