Saturday, September 18, 2004

everytime i run away

i know now that i will never be who i want to be so i have to just settle for bein what i am i cant change me now its gone to far any more and i wont be me so im fucked i can live like this for awhile i dont mean to be like this i just am i dont know what to do about it i need some help i need someone to be ther for me and i know that it wont happen so i gotta just kinda fake it like always im always fakein that im happy when im not but if everyone knew what i do then i would be alone and i dont think that i can stand that sometimes i wonder why i like this and everytime i find out i dont know why i just am maybe someday i will be normall but not today or anyday soon this way of livin might suck ass but its got its good points its not all great and shit but the times it is makes it all worth it but sometime i gotta do something with my life even if it is endin it

sorry thats just how it is im fuckin crazy this is bullshit i hate me i wanna die i need to die im gonna die just not now.............................................i guess


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