Monday, September 06, 2004


well damn i was sleepin when yous was on man i prolly wont be on much today cuze it is my neices b-day so i got to hang out wit my family that will be cool i bet i sneek off and get high that reminds me i need to get a hold of somebodie to get some pot or i will have to do that latter i dont know but yea i wish i could have talked to alex last nite i was wonderin some things like dose she think i am obseesed wit her and do i scare her and well that kinda what i have been thinkin about fer like a day or two but well damn i dont know i think im gonna get drunk already i woke up and took a shot so i guess i could get drunk befor noon and skateboard till i gotta go to my family thingy but yea ali and alex dont get on till like late man i was on off and on all day yesterday but yea ill get on some time tonite like 10- 11 or so but yea fer now i am out this shit


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jeff.. its alex.. ok i am not fucking scared of you or anything and if you were obsessed with me i dont care that would be cool i guess i really wouldnt care cuz i prolly think of you juss as much as you think of me and im thinkin that is alot. But yeah i gotta go so i will talk to you later and you should come down to cushing and visit me sometime. peace out

September 6, 2004 at 1:16 PM  

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