Monday, September 20, 2004

bad habbits die hard

man i dont know anymore i say that alot i wanna go do something but my head hurts but i think im still gonna go out skateboardin soon if noone cool gets on im outta here in a few mins i just got done babysittin i do that alot too man im a fuckin loser fuckin bitch whats up huh i think i shouldnt talk to myself anymore maybe the voices in my head will dissapear but then again they might just get worse leave me all alone ther aint nobodie callin on my telephone cuze i ripped that bitch up oit the wall i dont remeber and how did my memorie leave me and all they did was hate me and break me something is wrong wit me will it last fer eterniy i cant be who i need to be please dont walk away i want you to hear what i gotta say i never had noone ever ther for me i never had anyone to care for me if its faulse then why dont the demons just dissapear and why am i seein them crystal clear ther is something wrong wit me will it last for eternity why dont they just leave me alone somethings wrong inside my head i cant be alone i think my music fucks wit my head alot like really bad i wanna talk to alex
i wonder what is goin on downtown i bet i know not a damn thing this towns sucks balls alex needs to be here i yea well i got my reasons fer not finishin that thought then she poured me my pain in a dirty glass well i bit off more then i could chew the first day i met her

you got me high but you left me low well its all in the past bitch cuse now i got it big

darcy darcy darling dear you left me diein cryin here with wiskey gin and pints off beer i feel for you my darling dear my dear my dear DARCY DARCY MY DARLING DEAR

fear in me so deep it gets the best of me in the fear i fall here it comes face to face with me i feel this wounds step down step down step can i break away push me away make me fall just to see another side of me you cant see what i see the other side of me fall back on me that will be the strength i need to save me now just come face to face with me just stay in place youll be the first to see me heal thes wounds step down am i breakin down can i break away push me away make me fall just to see another side of mepush me away you cant see what i see the other side of me


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