Thursday, August 26, 2004

yea just bein me

yo yo yo sup yall yea your just a bitch in the game and yall always gonna be the same today was kinda cool i went and got high with this dude i havent gotten high with for one year it was great but other than that i still think about alot of shit that i shouldnt be thinkin about but hey i get better at skateboardin i do it like really hardcore so i can get some aggression out my legs are really fucked up its kool i like the pain its all gravy i have done a lot of thinkin and im still wher i started at and yea well it blows ass but yea i think im gonna go and skate board again maybe i dont know i wanna get high tho and i got pot so im gonna go and get high

aLeX says:
email or blog or ill juss wait till u get on or ill come c you sometime

yea and well you better or ill be mad seriously ill be mad like badly but yea im out peace

killa im out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you know just cuz you don't want to date me and all like broke up with me don't mean we can't hang out sometimes like call me sometime i miss just hangin out wit ya and having fun talking bout shit that don't mean anything.....i kinda miss you hun

August 26, 2004 at 11:08 PM  

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