Monday, August 16, 2004

yea im bored

yea i skateboarded like almost all day today it was good but yea i was thinkin about shit and well i just hope that i can do what i was thinkin about but im gonna try and hopefully i dont hurt myself but i prolly will i think i might go on a late night skate spree or i might go and get a bag in a little bit and see what masen is doin and shit he might wanna get high with me later and skate around it will be great but i dont know i might just go to bed and get my new deck tomarra that will be the mutha fuckin shit
after i get it im gonna go to the skatepark and pimp some shit like old school style cuze that would be freash and im a juggalo i make shit freash thats what i do mutha fucka but yea fuck yall bitches and in case i forget you gettin old nesam


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