Saturday, August 07, 2004


ok well i dont know why but everytime i hear certain songs i think about kd well i think about her alot the other day i was told some shit about her that really made mad i cant beleave that i wont she cant be like that she wouldnt do that to me well i hope not and if she did than i dont know what i will do but it probly wont end well ouch burn i am my own worst enime im not the smartest mutha fucka and shit i dont pretend to be and why i am the way i am is not a mystery my minds not in proper workin order were in theripy deranged confused and mentaly abused life been hangin on the streets so what the fuck do i got to loose and what the fuck i got to prove to you if you dont know me by now youll never know me you can put that on my real hommies i got problems and they stacked like bills and i relate to the broken lady hard love kills and i awaited in the shadows awaitin the dark hopin to talk to the past on im fallin apart im such a mass indecisive fadin away im outta touch with society and living a day never relied on my sanity i just trew it away and became the mainiac that you are seein today

im cold forgivin on my beleifes im nobodie that you ever want to be cuse i know the world is afraid of me

but yea i do miss her and i dont know


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