Monday, August 02, 2004

ok well today kinda sucked ass i saw alot of ppl tho i dont know who half of them were but i think i saw jazzy and cindy and alot of other girls but the whole day i spent tryin to find something that aint around i gotta go to work tomarrow so i aint gettin drunk and if i gotta do everything tomarrow im gonna be pist off but i think emly gets home tomarrow so that will be good i need to talk to her really bad but i dont know if its gonna end well it all depends on how i feel tomarrow but i dont know if i am gonna be in a bad mood or not prolly a bad one i have been in a bad mood fer a long time now i dont know if i even care anymore all the things that i care about is gone well except fer a select few but yea fuck it i gave up


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