Tuesday, August 24, 2004

ok well damn

well i think im gonna go to bed or maybe go out and skateboard i dont know i need to go and try some shit or just get rid of some energy and i think yea or im gonna go and smoke some pot and go to bed i want to go and skateboard its fuckin fun tonite i was at the skatepark and shit and i fucked my leg up like realy good but it was worth it cuze i was like one inch from landin a 540 flip in the quarter pipe neil and airheady were ther and neil was all like HOLY SHIT MAN THATS FUCKIN THE SHIT even tho you didnt land it and then airheady was all like get up wuss then i went and wipped alot of blood off on her and was all laughin like i was crazy it was funny but yea im gonna go now


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