Sunday, August 22, 2004

im fucked up in the head

hey well im kinda still kinda fucked up from last nite i was up all nite thinkin about alex and i only got to see her for a little while but it was better than nuttin i guess but i will fuckin hang out with her sometime like when she dont run away from me i had a dream about her for like 5 mins then i got woke up its like everytime i wanna see her or get close to seein her i get robbed

sami whats happinin i didnt know you read this shit thats cool and yes i can die you cant

and alex since you all like read this shit and shit you should write me on here but i dont think im likein just sittin here waitin for you or ali to get on so im gonna kinda just bail out on you

peace out

and i wanna know what you say when you talk about me that shit is still buggin me im gonna be all thinkin about it for like a really long time but yea i wanna talk to alex so im gonna go lay down and shit


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jeff... its ali.. yeah who gives a fuck about sami she is a 2 faced bitch that talks shit about my sista and i aint takin that shit anymore... All she wants is me and alex to do is fucking die well it will happen but if we die she is diein wit us.. well i will try to get sum more shit out of alex but all day she waz talkin about you and it waz drivin me insane. We will come and visit you and masen sometime this comin up week. I am gonna get back to a chillin with my sista jen she is in this depressing mood about her and x boyfriend and i know wut she is goin thru. So you have a great day i will talk to you sometime hopefully. PEACEOUTBUDDIE!!! Ali

August 22, 2004 at 6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff... sorry to be freakin out on your journal but i have to get something acrossed to allisons mind. How am i two faced bitch.. when um.. you know i hate your sister and everything i have to say is said straight to her? fuck i dont give a shit what you and alex say.. DIE! thats right. DIE! fuck you take shit to personally. Well have fun whatever it is you two pals do. Welp. im out. Later Jeff.

August 24, 2004 at 6:28 PM  

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