Wednesday, August 25, 2004

hello darkness my old freind

i close my eyse only for a moment and the moments gone all my dreams go befor my eyes with curiosity man some times some songs can say everything i need to say but dont know how like the song dust in the wind or sound of silence those songs are the shit man they some old ass songs too the only bad thing is they is kinda depressing but ehh i like bein depressed today is the shit my leg is all fucked up from last nite and its hurts its so kool nuttin lasts for ever except for the earth and sky so why dose it matter if i care so fuck that idont care i will never care well maybe a little for some one or actually like 3 people and i will always feel for them and i hate them for it all makein me unhappy if i didnt care i wouldnt get hurt but i do and i always get hurt and well im kinda gettin used to it so fuck it im gonna go and skateboard or something i dont know im fuckin board so fuck it im out


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