Monday, July 05, 2004

ok just so everyone knows

dont be fuckin assumin shit i hate it and dont bitch at me fer talkin to ppl and well i wont do something i am not spost ta do so dont worrie and fer all the other bullshit
fuck it


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Jeff......i just wanted to tell you that I trust you and you can talk to anyone you want to talk to cuz i am not afraid fo what you will do.....i may not like some of the people and what they do to me but thats ok......cuz i know we are together and that i love you and you love me and i am not gonna lose you like i am gonna not worry cuz it don't do nothing but give ya worry lines......i love you bunches
Love always.....your girlfriend Em

(see i thought i would put my name so you don't get me confused with someone else who wnat you)

I just thought of something.....hehehe...i am kind of proud......all these Bitches want you....but know what they don't got you i do......and it just shows how damn sexy you are that all these girls are after you.....and i am the lucky one who gets to be with you.....kick i think i am gonna to try to not let it bother me everytime i hear about some bitch that wants you or thinks your hot cuz i can damn well see why they want you! i love you baby

July 7, 2004 at 8:16 AM  

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