Friday, July 09, 2004

? jessica ?

hey jessica dont say bad things to emly ok i dont like it but yea i know what you mean and well i kinda want to see kd too but im kinda scared but i dont think it will matte cuse well i think kd is mad at me again cuse of my dumb ass im so fuckin stupid and i always fuck shit up like all the time and i always ruin the best things in my life so i dont know i really do think i am spost ta be alone anyway yea it hurts and shit but ya know i fucked up and now it might be too late i wonder if me seein her is gonna be a good thing im really scared i dont want her to flip out on me and i just want her to talk to me and listen to what i have to say i have had a long enuf time to think about it and i know what i wanna say but i dont know if i can say it when she gets here ill find out when it happens


Blogger i_wanna_die said...

i only said the truth to emly. I know that when kd comes back that u 2 will be 2gether again. why do u think kd is mad @ u. is it about the whole camping thing that u guys did when we got caught??? but ya anyways i dont like it when f'n emly says that u are hers b/c i know that kd loves u 2 death jeff and im not gonna let her take u away from kd. cause she nasty. but i will try my hardest to not say anymore bad things bout her. TRY IS THE KEYWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 11, 2004 at 12:06 AM  
Blogger i_wanna_die said...

i ment to write this along time ago

jeff i know that kd can be hard to talk to sometimes bute just let her know how u feel. it will b hard but the least u can do is try right??? i know that she loves u jeff and more than a friend b/c before she went away she always told. whenever i was wit her she talked bout u. but just remeber that kd has feelings 2 and sometimes when u say things 2 her its pisses her off and i know that u know what im talkin bout. i know she says some stuff 2 u 2 that hurts but u guys need 2 work that shit out. im just tryin to help u 2 and i hope kd realizes that 2 cause im not sure how she feels bout all this shit now but i know she felt that way before she left. i miss kd 2 but until she gets home there aint shit we can do. i miss her so much and i know u do 2 but just hang in there ok shell be home soon???!!!

peace out

July 17, 2004 at 1:29 AM  

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