Wednesday, June 09, 2004

uhh uhh uh uh uhh

yea i just dropped kd off and i wanna see her i miss her so much but i cant tell her that i was gonna ask her back out today but when i got ther i chickened out like a bitch i dont know how to say it i dont know if i can im kinda scared but yea i get to see eridy in like a few mins so thats kinda cool ill talk to her about alot of shit i have needed to talk to her fer a while but she was grounde3d then she went to new york but she might be comin to town tonite so that will be cool i dont know tho i still am thinkin about kd she said i was actin werid today and thats cuze i wanted to ask her out but i didnt know about her little josh thingy and i dont wanna fuck shit up again i hated the way i felt when we didnt get along i dont wanna feel like that again and i dont wanna make her feel bad or anything but i dont know if she wants to go back out jessica keeps askin about us goin out so i wonder if kd want to we get along really well tho i like that its like we are goin out kinda i just dont know im scared and i wanna talk to sara first she will know what i should do she know all the shit like that she helps me alot but it is hard fer me to talk to her cuze i still feel fer her and shit but now im out this mutha fucka


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey...well least i know the truth about shit bad you didn't just fucking tell me yourself not confuse the shit out of me.....God i am so fucking dumb......really dumb....

June 10, 2004 at 1:33 AM  

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