Saturday, June 05, 2004

ok just ventin dont worrie

yesterday was bad like really bad i woke up and knew it was gonna be bad and well i was right i just vented in my blog and emly took it all personal but i can see how but i cant just not say some things cuze it me blog and if ppl dont like what it says they dont need to read it sorry but that is how i am im in like a werid mood today i dont wanna see anyone i dont wanna talk i just dont wanna be i just wanna fade into nothiness i feel like ther is a void in me like a black hole i dont know i just dont want it to go i love this song: your such an inperation of how i never ever wanna be i think i am gonna get sick i gotta hang over of someshit i dont know the room is spinnin and my head hurts like really bad i need to think about some things like emly kd and sara o yea i talked to sara this mornin she sleep in my boxers last nite and she is the one who stole my nife and now i gotta trade her something fer it


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Jeff it was not that I was upset so much about what you said I just had a bad day and shit was fucked up at home and I was stupid and let it get to me I'm was just me being dumb

June 6, 2004 at 1:08 AM  

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