Monday, June 21, 2004

just venten or some shit

BREAK DOWN BREAK DOWN i dont wanna live like that i wanna just run away from almost everything sometimes i can never tell i feel so betrayed i really tried i did my time i did my time i wonder what song i wanna hear now ha ha ha i wanna hear nothin left 20 thousand websites hotlines and club
let it be the other shit in 6 differnt veiws i guess its time that i told you
there aint no duckin when the hatchet swings mutha fuckas

i love you guys man
man fuck you why you always gotta ruin the moment
there is no buety that wont get old

will you let me on
will you let me on
will you let me on
will you let me on

hey jack jeckel fly twist and spin to the other side

she said she stuck in a bind i dont even know why it sux to even try so i wont try anymore she took the afternoon train to find a differnt plain but a life down the drain is better than bein ignored...rite?

ok im done with all this i am out this fuckin bitch so fuck off fuck u fuck u fuck u fuck u and yea well peace out emly love ya



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