Thursday, May 20, 2004

wow some ppl actually read my blog

well thanx jazzy and im sorry i dont talk to you that much i just dont wanna talk to you when im in a bad mood cuse i have a way of makin ppl feel like me and that is why i havent really talked to you that much but yea ill be kool and i did smile god dammit lol but i dont think ill be here when you get outta school ill probly be out ridein my skatebored ive been doin that all day and well its good fer me im just reastin so i can go back out and ride some mo

masen i tried callin you so yea

i wanna run away and open up my eyes gonna run away gonna run away

im out this bitch mutha fuckas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im sorry I told KD... i didnt mean to piss you off. I dont want you to hate me. She asked for it... and i didnt think you would get all mad.. cause i really dont see all that much bad shit in here. Im sorry i lost your trust and you wont tell me anything anymore... but i guess thats life.. and i fucked up. But..yea. GUESS WHAT... you got hit with a car.. haha! Thats funny, just cause you thought it was funny. hehe.. well im going to go.. ttyl!

May 22, 2004 at 12:03 AM  

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