Monday, May 17, 2004

well i just got ta talk to kilie i havent talked to her in a long time she is cute i miss her so much but i dont wanna see her cuze it will hurt she will just leave like everyone else i dont know what kd is doin she acts like she cares but she is just gonna leave me too just like everyone else im tryin to slowly get away from her but she aint makein it easiy it is alot harder that i thought it would be i dont know what i am gonna do i need a job and i need to go and work on my car but i want to see kd and kilie but i dont wanna drive over ther cuze i have to work on my car i have to fix my brakes and do some body work on my car the other nite i got really drunk and my friend hit my car and fucked it up but he has a body kit so its all good but i have to take the interior panales off and than i can fix my car


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