Saturday, May 01, 2004

well damn i cant get a hold of kd she aint anserin her phone or her house phone i dont think she is back yet i went fer a bike ride wit masen and we went a long way but we didnt get to see kd cause she wasnt ther and she told me to call and well i did but she want ther so i dont know i am spost ta go to a party but if kd cant go i aint goin cuze well i dont know last nite when she was really mad at me i realized that i dont want to lose her not now... i took a look at myself and came to grips with what i found it was a vison of a child disturbed and broke down no soul no hart cuze i gave it away no time for feeling sorry ill greave another day im cold im no bodie that you ever wanna be cuze i know that the world is afraid of me thats a cool ass song i guess someone got stabed in the leg up here and well jazzy was freakin out cuze she was worried about me and masen that so sweet

but yea im just wastin time so i am gonna just keep ramblein on about nothin i hate your boyfreind cuze hes a no good cock blockin ass bitch yea murs thats my ladie

lol the only one who knows what im talkin about is masen and if gotta say that then the bitch aint yours i hate your boyfreind cuze of his punk ass you will never have a real man

yea im done and im out mutha fuckas yea


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