Thursday, May 20, 2004

mutha fuckas i hate you i hate you i hate you

ok well yea i dont know what to do but this givin up thing is sorta workin but the bad thing is that kd aint likein it but she said she was gonna call me and well i think she will but then again she has had me waitin fer alot of times i just hopw that she dose call i think she has something that she want to tell me but i dont know she will probaly just ask me what is wrong and i will tell her and we will get in a fight
i think that is how it will go down but i dont know god i dont know anything i hate this i just wish that me and kd would actually get along i really do like her and im pretty sure she likes me cuse she is always gettin mad at me fer leavin but then again i dont know she hasnt really ever told me but thats ok i havent told her how i feel either and well i dont think i should
today she said that she had to wait fer this guy cuse like they made a deal that they would hook back up when he got back so i dont know what im spost to do i dont know if im spost to wait fer them or what i just cant handel this shit i dont like thies feelings that i keep gettin ther is only one person that has made me like this and that was sara and well if this goes the same way then i dont think that im gonna live therw it i cant i still aint over sara i just had to stop seein her and i dont think that i can do that with kd i wont do that to kd
damnitt i was spost to call alex tonite but i didnt i like alex but in a differnt way then everyone else alex was kinda like a childhood love and well we kinda hit it off and shit but then i dont member what happend i think we just faded apart or i might have broke up with her fer some stupid reason but i cant go out with her cuse i would have to hide it and well im done doin all that shit


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