Sunday, May 16, 2004

last nite was bad i went to marcus to get in a fight and well aint no one frontin on my shit and i painted my face that shit was cool then i got in a fight wit kd and i left and got drunk like really drunk then i talked wit kd and got mad and went and dislocated my knuckles then me and kd got down hehehe then i went and got even more drunk and my car got hit and i think it got fucked up bad but im spost ta go and use some thingy that hes got to get dents out
then i went to masens and we ate some burritos mmmm burritos then i passed the fuck out watchin kung pow funny movie

dont tell any one but i think i might be falling fer kd that never gets spokin if i find out some one told her i will kill them

my poor car it got such an ass whoopin last nite but it was fun breakin the window and standin around scarein mutha fuckaaas

but yea im out this bitch


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