Thursday, May 13, 2004

im so high i got woke up today after fallin asleep like an hour befor and i am so tired and my car is dead till i go and jump the battery but i dont really wanna im just listenin ta some muzik and burnin a cd im so tired but i cant sleep i am just like kinda floatin between here and not hear more to not hear i think that i should call sara soon i just got this feelin that something happend and well i hope nuttin did cuze she dont need anything bad happenin to her she had enuf and fer kd i still dont know what to do about her and well theis sappy ass songs that keep playin aint helpin none

"did you know that when you are near everyone else seems so far away... so come with me and make everyone else dissappear make them dissappear and we can stay"

shit like that is gonna fuck with my head

i wonder if kd would get mad if i went out with another girl i mean i dont have one but if i did would she get mad i wonder if she is gonna see this and get mad... huh?

that might end bad some day but i dont think she reads this and well if she dose then hell yea dont get mad

renegede this is a kool song

yea im out dis bitch peace out dawg


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