Thursday, May 20, 2004

i hurt

i just got done exercizein and well my whole body hurts now i was out skatebording and ridin my bike fer like six hours from 9 till now 3:39 the whole time i was thinkin about kd and how i dont wanna just forget everything i think i might have said some things that were wrong to say and mean and i probly should have just talked to her i dont get it i normaly have this big thing about needin to talk when i am in a relationship but with kd i didnt know how i really do like her and i think it might actually be more but ther is nothin i can do about it so ill just have to be hurt once again wow i hurt both physicly and emotionaly man this fuckin sux but hey ya know what can i do i cant say ill get over it cuze i dont know if i will i dont know anything i just want to see kd but i dont wanna fight with her i hate it when we fight i thought about her alot today and well fuck i dont know what i should do should i give her a couple days to get over it or should i go see her should i call her i dont know i dont even know if she wants me to talk to her last nite she said something about if i didnt talk to her it would be my last chance so we talked and she said she just wanted to forget about it fuck why did she have to do that i dont know but i gotta talk to eridy and alex so yea

peace out dawg im out this bitch



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