Sunday, May 30, 2004

i dont know what to do

well i was right it was me that kd loves she told me that last nite i almost started to cry i dont know what im gonna do i know that this is gonna change the way i act to emly i dont want that tho i wanna be happy and i cant im just destaned to be alone fer all eternity im just a loser i wanna fuckin die i think im gonna hang myself cuze the other day i was chokin myself out and that shit was fun i like chokein i think that is the way i wanna die you get all light headed and shit then you get dizzy then you fall over i cant wait fer emly to get back i miss her and i really need to talk to her in person o yea masen gets outta jail today i cant wait man fuckin damn i fuckin cant even think straight i think im gonna end up doin the wrong thing and gettin hurt when kd told me that she loves me well she didnt even tell me she made me guess but when she told me i thought about emly that is the only reason that i didnt do anything im kinda proud it was really hard fer me to sit ther with kd after she told me and not touch her or anything the only thing we did was hug o yea emly im sorry i wasnt here fer your call i wanted to talk to you but i needed to talk to kd and dont worrie nuttin happend i miss you so bad but i still wanna die


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