Friday, April 23, 2004

yea ok first jazzy jonny cash redid nine inch nails song.. but his is pretty good i like it anyway today i dont know what happend but i all went into a seriously depressed stage and im still kinda sad but i dont know why... i think it is cause i all started to think about sara and shit.. so i went to marcus and drove by her house and she was outside but i couldnt seem to get the courage to stop i mean i saw her and she saw me but i just ran away like i always do i think that it might mean that i dont really want to be wit sara but everytime i think about it i get all sad and shit i dont know i think that she just has this strange hold on me and well i cant get away from it but i want to so bad some times but then again i dont i have trouble thinkin about just never talkin to her again i just go all loser mode and miss her alot but she dont like me so fuck that i hate havein to live like that

o hells fuckin yea i saw shanda beerman today wow she is hott i didnt talk to her either tho just looked at her and then i drove away i remember back in the day i had a big crush on her and she was all just like hott and shit then i moved by her and she got hotter and now she is just really hott

man the whole day i was think about jazzy i really wanted to see her today but i didnt so im just a loser jazzy i miss you so bad i try so hard not to let you know but i think that you should know now i think i was wrong like a muthafucka back in the day i do want to have a relationship with you but ther so many ppl that dont want that to happen like yo daddy and alot of other ppl but then again ther is kd

and well kd huh yea thats a mind fuck and a half i think she likes me like more than friends but i dont know and she is all like startin to hang out wit her ex and shit and well i dont know if i should ask her out cuze well i have known her parents fer like a long time and shit but then again i think i like her too i had a crush on her back in the day but now i dont know if i like her or if i just have a really good frienship wit her and if i got a really good friendship than i dont really wanna fuck it up by datin her

but yea i think im done now
i wanna thank you fer lettin me vent but now i am out this bitch

peace yall


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