Sunday, April 04, 2004

well shit i guess i dont know what to do i think jazzy want to go out wit me but im not sure i think i need to just hag out wit her and see how things go and all that shit but i dont know when to hang out wit her i wonder if she is still on probation ha ha ha that is funny jazzy man some fuckin cop told my friends that they cant be on public property aint that some shit but hey i dont know i just have too many things on my mind right now to worry about that so i am just gonna think about all the shit i can till my mind explodes man that would be cool just be sittin here and then boom my whole head is gone just like that just poof its outta here

well as far as jazzy goes i really do like her but i just aint sure if i want to settle down and have all the responseability of a relationship i think im a toys r us kid fer life but i dont want to hurt her so i dont know what to do maybe we should be friends fer a while and see how that goes and well i dont know what i am tryin to say so im just gonna shut up before i say something that will get me in trouble.... nahh ill keep goin this is all about me i dont care what ppl who read this think if you dont like what you r readin just stop readin but if you r still here hells fuckin yea

and as sara goes i dont know if i even want to talk to her now cuze she will just lure me in like a moth to lights and i will do something that i think might hurt jazzy again and i dont wanna do that again cuze well i still kinda feel a little bad about it and i think that jazzy has forgave me but i dont know what is goin on i just wish that she would tell me how she feels and i wish i knew how sara felt about me too i just wanna know exactly how you too feel a bout me man i always have troubles wit relationships it just too complicated and shit i dont know how to deal wit it so i just kinda wonder in my thoughts and by the time i figure out what i want its too late

oh yea i am buildin a little house down at the beach if you even know where that is but not many do so yea
its a cool litlle house thinggy but yea i want to see jazzy

like alot but i think she is sleepin fer school yank yank

well yea im out nite jazzy
peace all the rest of you little fucks
and quit fuckin readin this shit its stupid well most of it is
you can read it if you want i guess



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