Thursday, April 15, 2004

well i think i finally figured out what i want... i dont want to be me anymore i hate me i hate everything about me i just cant stand me i mean damn i really suck ass i am mean i dont think about others i just think about me
and well i dont like it so i think i am gonna try to change. i dont think its gonna end well but if ppl dont like it well then fuck them im not gonna stay this way fer no one i hate this i wanna be someone else
i am even thinkin about gettin a job in hospers and movin somewere in between here and ther
i am sorry if anybody gets offended by this but something just has to give and i will give i am good at quittin shit so ill just quit life all together
{sorry jazzy}
dont worry about me tho it aint like im gonna kill myself well i dont plan on it i just wish that i could be happy im tired so so tired of bein me i wish i had wings and could just fly far from here were nobodie knows me and just start over cut all ties with everyone i know even sara and just forget about it all of it

ya know i think i need help my brain dosent function right i think one of theis days ima gonna go see a head doctor and see what is wrong with me

one of theis days i may never awake whole body ice cold staring at pearly gates waitin fer a second chance to dance with the dead underground livin with the moon fer a freind

and the worst part is i still wanna die

one day man one day ill be gone


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