Friday, April 09, 2004

last nite i was talkin to sara on the phone and when she got ready to go she told me that she loved me i felt so loved i think that we r gonna hook up i hope so atleast today i went to her house and saw her baby well her parent development baby last nite i tried to hold it and it started to cry yea that was kinda scary
i guess toy babys dont like me well i dont care i dont like them either
i like real babys not the fake ones i think sara wants to have a kid but she says that she wants to wait fer 5 years
i think that she should wait fer a long time well i mean i dont wanna kid rite now i dont know if i will want to have a kid but i think that sara can talk me into it if she tried she wouldnt have to try hard tho

well jazzy is seemin to be takin me and sara pretty well i think that jazzy is really cool and she seems to be pretty mature i thought she was gonna freak out im so glad that she didnt


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