Friday, April 16, 2004

just lieing in bed and i started to think about jazzy and then i had a dream about her when i fell asleep it was kinda kool we were like 3 or 4 years older and we were hooked up and i was so happy and we gott along so good and it just seemed right it was a cool dream i still dont like sleepin but i did last nite thanx jazzy i havent really talked to anybodie fer a couple days and i havent told anyone that i was changin but jazzy read my blog so she knows but thats k cuze i dont care if jazzy knows she cool enuf but yea i just gott up and i dont know what is goin on i just got on my puter and started readin jazzys blog then i started writein in mine

deth row nigga deth row in this muthat fucka

so dont be hatein cool ass songs
i got a new bike i went and spent a hundred and fourteen dollas on my bike i love my bike its not like a great bike but its a bik and i wanted one so i bought one and i rode around fer like 5 hours on my bike yesterday
but im out dis bitch

you must be a magican cuze yous a( trick good line )

peace yall im out jeff


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