Friday, October 29, 2004


man yesterday i was so fuckin sick all i did was sleep and puke like all the fuck over this fuckin town i dont know what the fuck it was i feel a little better but still feel kinda sick i need to get something to drink and i hope that fuckin alex and ali come up here today that would be cool last nite alex called me i had the best fuckin idea she needs to dress up like a nurse and take care of me when i am sick that would be kick ass

and why the fuck is jazzy gonna kill masen thats not rite man

but yea i think im gonna go puke and try to find something to drink

ha ha i havent eatin fer like 4 in the mornin yesterday

i lost 10 pounds yesterday thats fuckin bullshit man my stomic hurts

Monday, October 25, 2004

the tussin

frankly the feelins fuckin fantastic im trippin like jesus in the desert when he fasted no ball to be bustin no fightin no cusing just love fer a drug called robotussin the tussin the tussin ROBOTUSSIN the tussin

yea i wanna go on a tussin trip now man i think im gonna go skatein like to the skate park and shit ill see if masen wanna go to

612 wolf avenue i know wher that is thats an a abandon warehouse next to melon shakers the uh gentalmens club

man yea im fuckin high

alcohol still numbs the pain

man i just cant fuckin wake up today this is like the third time i have been outta bed i just cant fuckin wake up so i think im gonna go back to bed til somethin cool happens then i might get outta bed

my eyes just wont open i dont know what i have been smokein

theis bad habbits are mine to quit

Sunday, October 24, 2004

man alex i tried to call

i tried but it didnt work so yea i think im gonna go to masens and shit and then i dont know fuckin yea im gone

ya dumb bitch

man this is fuckin bullshit im so fuckin board now i dont know what to do me and tony have been skatein like all fuckin day and shit and now i dont know what ther is to do im so fuckin board i wanna talk to alex ha ha i miss her ha ha i want to go to cushing and see her i think im gonna call her tonite dont know when maybe like 930 10 somewere in ther if not sooner man i dont feel good now i fuckin think im gettin a slight heat stroke its fuckin cool i fuckin jumped off a kicker today and landed on a table and almost got offbut not quite i did ollie on the box and went off it it was fun i only fell like 3 times i was ther fer like an hour and some then i went to sparkys and got a free pop cuse my buddie was workin she is cool but yea im gonna go now

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Barren Desiree is a Gloomy Ghoul
adopted at

i want one.....

last nite i was so fucked up

man last nite was well it was the coolest shit fer a long time i saw alex then she left me and told me to go party cuse it was friday and shit so i went home then i got a call and went to a party and got all really drunk and really really high like i smoked like 7 joints and like 5 bowls and just sat around chuggin some alcohol like some perterican rum and some vodka it was kool ha ha i was so fucked up

Friday, October 22, 2004

hello darkness my old freind

yea well i gots ta clean my room and shit just incase alex comes to town she is spost ta be comein here fer a football game or some shit o yea the shatterbone concert is tomarrow i think im fuckin goin to it ha ha man but yea i dont know what i want to say here so im gonna go now

Thursday, October 21, 2004

man i am fuckin tired

man im fuckin tired like a mutha fucker and im like really really tired and shit and fuckin high ha ha i get to see alex tomarrow i got to clean and shit and go and get some things befer she gets here im so gonna go crazy thinkin about it but ehh i kinda like it man i think im gonna go and smoke a fuckin joint and go to bed

so fuck myself could somebodie stop this i need some fuckin help cuse ther all just better than me

i got court commin up i stole truck got a bitch pregnat and im broke as fuck

man fuck this and fuck you except fer alex i miss alex im gonna go now

fuckin dumb bitch

man my fuckin mom all had to go and fuck our computer up and shit but she did it like a fuckin moron dumb bitch she fuckin unplugged the fuckin dsl motem and shit then she called the servis number on it and shit and fuckin made me get outta bed and shit to come out here and tell the dude on the phone he was a fuckin retard and that my mom just unplugged the shit all tellin me its fried from bein misused fuckin judgemental muther fucker just cuse a mutha fucka all be really high when he talk to you on the phone yo ass thinks he dont know how to fuckin plug some shit into a fuckin wall dumbass mutha fucka ill fuckin kill him if i ever find out who the fuck he is dumb ass god now i got to go get fuckin high again... ha ha like its a bad thing... but yea i gotta do it all again and shit and get up at fuckin 830 to go to court then cruse around and go back to court later mutha fuckas this is fuckin stupid damn but ehh im gonna go think about alex and get high and go to bed and maybe i will dream about her that would be cool since like i dont get to see her thats fuckin bullshit god damn my mom is a fuckin retard

der der der
^^^thats my mom talkin^^^

see she is a dumb ass god damn her i was havein a good ass dream til i got woke up now i bet i wont go to sleep fuckin bitch

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

i miss alex

good nite mutha fuckas

peace out

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

to tell the truth rite now im getting away with murder

hey mutha fuckas get ready fer some killin shit whoo hoo check out the smile its the game show host wit da most rite now you aint shit so spin the fuckin wheel

man im board i went skatein and now im all sweaty and smelly i think i need to take a fuckin shower ha ha ha me shower ha ha thats why im called stinky stink whuts up bitch nah i do need a shower tho

man time needs to go faster its like 916 and i got to wait like an hour and shit to call alex man thats a long time thats a really fuckin long time

man some ppl need to just feel better about themselves

your just a bitch my nigga

YES my neice emily is carryin my skateboard around like she owns that shit its the coolest thing i have seen all day

i wanna call alex but its only been 10 mins

man shit been hard fer me fer real fer about 5 years my life been a fuckin down hill

ying yang anything and we aint gonna change fuck me no nigga fuck you we keep it real fer those who be throwin them bones gettin drunk at our shows smokein nuttin but drow

man damn



yea fuck it im outta here this is dumb

alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex alex

had a bad day again

man this is bullshit im fuckin board ha ha im pretty fuckin high too its great i fuckin saw fuckin jerry today he was drivein his fuckin nova its pretty bad ass but my LTD was better it was the greatest car of all times but yea im fuckin high so im gonna go now spost ta be gettina call...................HAHA!

i miss alex so bad now its almost two weeks and shit im gonna freak